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“Do I have professional indemnity cover?” PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Imrie   
Monday, 21 April 2014 10:55

“Do I have professional indemnity cover?”

During 2013 the HCPC consulted stakeholders on the governments plan to introduce legislation which will require registrants to have a professional indemnity arrangement in place, as a condition of their registration. It was anticipated that this legislation was to be in place at the end of October 2013. However, this has not been the case and it is understood that this will not now happen until at least July 2014.

When applying or renewing their registration, individuals will be required to confirm that they have cover in place by ticking a box. Staff not currently working will be able to tick a box indicating that they will have cover in place when they commence work. Only certain groups of staff will need to make their own arrangements for cover, such as those who are self-employed or independent contractors, working on their own and taking responsibility for their own actions. If you are in any doubt you should seek further advice to clarify their position.

So, this is a common question that we get asked regularly. As a result Unison have produced this factsheet in which we have listed some of the facts and myths around professional indemnity cover.

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Branch Secretary's Corner PDF Print E-mail
Written by Fraer Stevenson   
Saturday, 29 March 2014 18:29

My first month as your Branch Secretary has been challenging. There are many changes going on in the Trust at every level and a lot of work to be done. Given that, and the difficulties we’re facing, I'm disappointed by the lack of cohesiveness and excessive politics within some areas of the trust.

The governance report written by Anthony Marsh last year was highly critical of management, and it’s understandable that as the author of that report he might not be welcomed with open arms; especially when it recommends that management layers should be reduced. Things cannot stay the same though. We have to change and quickly, in order to make sure we do not continually let our patients down.

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UNISON condemns privatisation of Patient Transport Services (PTS) in Norfolk. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Fraer Stevenson   
Thursday, 20 March 2014 06:58

UNISON condemns privatisation of Patient Transport Services (PTS) in Norfolk.

Commissioners have awarded the Norfolk contract for Patient Transport Services (PTS) to private company ERS, over East of England Ambulance NHS Trust.

PTS staff are devastated by the news, many have worked for the NHS for a number of years - they are an integral part of our Ambulance Service.

The Trust provides a high quality service transporting vulnerable patients to and from hospital. Patients report a high level of satisfaction with the service they currently receive. I fear this will not be the case if these services are run by private providers who are primarily concerned with making profits for shareholders. The private sector focuses on profit margins; patients must come before profits. The NHS is a public service, delivered and accountable to the public.

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