‘We were recently made aware of some negative comments aimed at staff uniform by a Director. In response, and in order to better support staff coming into winter, we’re asking the Trust at our Staff Partnership Forum next week, to agree to purchase and issue Keela Munro jackets to all patient facing frontline staff.

Given staff were found outstanding’ by the CQC (and rightly so), we feel the Trust should be providing the same level of protection to our staff as some other Trusts. 

UNISON has worked with policy group to produce a new lease car policy, which will reduce the spend on lease cars. The Trust spends one million pounds on lease cars per year. UNISON would like to see some of the money saved from introducing more modest vehicles, going directly into supporting our staff. Fit for purpose jackets is a good place to start.

We’ll be tweeting about these jackets next week, so please follow us on twitter (@fraerstevenson) and if you can come up with some helpful hashtags, please get in touch. We’ve started a few #Warm&Dry #Staffb4Cars